Message from the Management

Firstly, we would like to convey our deep gratitude to all of our shareholders and investors for their ongoing warm support.

Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd. was founded and started its import sales business of cardiac pacemakers in 1981. Since its establishment, we have continuously introduced leading-edge medical devices from around the world and also expanded our product portfolio for various other therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular surgery and interventional cardiology, as a specialized trading company for the cardiovascular field.
In 1999, we undertook the development of in-house products in order to supply products that meet the needs of the medical field in a conscientious and elaborate manner. And since the launch of guide wires, our first in-house product, in 2001, we have continued our path as a unique company that engage in two different types of business: trading and manufacturing.

In present-day Japan, while the number of patients with cardiovascular diseases is continuously increasing as the population ages., the fiscal situation has become increasingly severe, and the national health insurance reimbursement prices, which are the official price of medical devices, have been continually reduced as part of the government’s goal to curtail medical expenditure. Under these circumstances, there are growing needs in the medical device field for devices that can contribute to the minimally invasive treatments reducing the physical burden of patients and also for products with excellent medical economic efficiency.

There is currently an accelerated movement in Japan to promote the development and introduction of new medical devices and to enhance international competitiveness under the government's growth strategy. We take this environmental change as a great opportunity and strive to explore products from overseas that incorporate new treatments and more advanced technologies. And we will also continue to play a key role in eliminating the device lag for such new products by using our extensive experience in introducing foreign products to obtain regulatory approvals swiftly and also by utilizing our nationwide distribution network in Japan to promptly provide the approved products to the medical field.

Moreover, we will further focus on the development and manufacturing of in-house products. Japan's first open stent graft has been well received since we launched it in July, 2014 as a treatment device for thoracic aortic disease. This open stent graft enables fast and minimally invasive treatment of the disease and contributes to reducing the burden of operators and improving patients’ quality of life. Japan Lifeline will continue to develop and introduce these one-of-a-kind products and products that meet the unique needs of the medical field in Japan.

"Social contribution through the provision of leading-edge medical devices for patients." Under this corporate identity, Japan Lifeline continues to provide excellent medical devices by dedicating itself to both of its roles as a trading company and a manufacturer. Furthermore, we will achieve sustainable growth as an "indispensable company" by continuously contributing to the medical field through our patient-oriented activities.

Keisuke Suzuki
President and CEO